The Top 10 Benefits of Reformer Pilates

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Do you feel like your body is starting to lose its strength and flexibility? Have you been working out for years, but the results just aren’t there anymore or you’re finding your current form of exercise either too challenging or challenging in an unhelpful way? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your exercise routine. Reformer Pilates has loads of benefits that could help turn things around.

If you’re looking for a new way to exercise and want to try something different, Pilates Reformer machines may be the perfect workout option. These machines are particularly effective for those who have joint issues or injuries that prevent them from doing regular workouts. Here’s what you need to know about these machines and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals.

What is a Pilates Reformer Machine?

The Reformer is a bed-like frame with wheels on the base, which allows it to roll back and forth. Though it is a little more complex than that as there are adjustable straps and a bar to allow you to participate in numerous different exercises. Joseph Pilates invented this device as an exercise tool to exercise more efficiently and who doesn’t want that? The Pilates Reformer is an excellent way to exercise the whole body. You can exercise in many different positions, such as standing, kneeling or sitting on it. All of which have many variations so exercise on a Pilates Reformer never gets boring!

Reformer Pilates is similar yet very different to mat-based Pilates. The difference lies in how it’s executed; using the Reformer machine and adding resistance through springs that are built into the equipment.

Reformer Pilates is truly an amazing workout. Not only does it provide more exercises than mat-based workouts, but the range of motion for each exercise provides you with a wider variety in your training program! Plus these movements work on building up all different muscle groups and increasing the stability of joints too!

If this sounds like something right up your alley, keep reading for the benefits of Reformer Pilates!


Pilates is a great way to strengthen your body and improve balance. The Reformer exercises work multiple muscle groups at once and as the machine is adjustable, you can increase resistance as needed to gradually improve strength as you go along. This means it can very much work alongside your own body and your ability.

Low Impact

The Reformer Pilates exercises don’t put stress on your joints and muscles. As a result, you can do the workouts every day without overworking yourself! Though do speak to me to get the most appropriate guidance for your own body and goals.


The Reformer Pilates exercises can engage your smaller muscles. These are the ones needed to keep you running and jumping around with agility! The movements improve physical conditioning so that when we do activities later in life they’ll be easier because balance and coordination are greatly improved.


The Pilates Reformer is a great way to stretch your spine after hours of sitting. You can move through different positions and find relief from back pain, neck strain or any other types of muscle compensation that may be happening from a sedentary lifestyle.


Reformer Pilates exercises require a great deal of focus from the student to do the exercises correctly. Therefore using the Reformer encourages Mindfulness and staying in the moment to keep our attention on the movements at hand.


Reformer Pilates is the perfect workout for those who want to move their bodies and increase flexibility. With bars, straps and cables at your disposal on the Reformer, you’ll be able to work out in every direction without worrying about bulking up or stressing joints!

Full Body Workout

The Reformer is a great workout tool for strengthening the entire body. The springs allow you to focus on your whole-body muscles, not just large ones like arms or legs that get all the attention with other kinds of equipment.


Pilates Reformers are a great way to work your core muscles. The focus is on the abdomen, back and arms as you use proper form with each exercise that trains these areas of our body for stability during movement or position changes. The benefits include increased strength and reduced back pain, which can also help prevent injuries by enabling us to do what we do naturally.


The springs on the Reformer help move things along in an effective manner. They’re like training wheels for your muscles, giving them assistance to break out of bad or incorrect movement patterns that may have led up to the injury in the first place; then as you progress without experiencing pain anymore, you can continue rehabilitating injured areas while strengthening other muscle groups which will prevent future injuries!

Can Be Done With A Limited Range of Movement

The Reformer, with its many attachments and the ability to be used in various ways for varying levels of flexibility, is an excellent way to modify exercises. This equipment allows people who have a limited range of motion or injuries to exercise safely without risk. Even if you can only move body parts in limited ways, exercises can be done to benefit you.

Reformer Pilates has been shown to have many benefits including rehabilitation from injury or surgery, improved postural control in daily life, increased strength in all major muscle groups and relief from chronic pain due to its low impact nature which makes it an excellent choice for seniors or those recovering from injury.

There are so many benefits to Reformer Pilates, and with my one-on-one sessions, you can get the most out of this full-body workout. Book in a session today! I have limited availability for spaces left on the calendar so, if you’re interested, book soon! Email me at to book in a 1-2-1 Reformer session with me at The Lottbridge Golf Club or let me know if you have any questions.