Group Pilates Class



This class will develop ultimate strength and stability, working in all planes of movement. These exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups in the body. In some sessions, specialised resistance equipment, such as bands, are also used to help you get the most out of your exercises.

What to expect

To be proactive in classes and to get the most out of the exercises. It’s quite tough and I want to help people get results. Tweaking each move to make it challenging. If someone has a particular pathology, it will be adapted accordingly, whilst being as safe as possible. It is welcoming and integrated as best as possible.

What to bring

Virtually everyone new to Pilates classes (and the same applies to Yoga) asks what they should wear to class. When first starting, it can seem quite scary and intimidating, but the great thing about my classes is that people certainly don’t dress to impress, but I like them to dress for comfort. Some haven’t entered the gym style environment since the Jane Fonda days, which for those who remember (I could pretend here and say I don’t remember but I’ve seen videos!) was all about glamour and looking perfect.

I recommend layers as you may not think Pilates makes you warm, but you will get warmer than when you arrived, especially if you come to reformer one to one sessions!

Tips during the class

Listen to your body and don’t overdo it! Even though the movements may seem small, they are very powerful!

Let me know if you are uncomfortable or find a move difficult, I can always tweak it to make it doable for you.


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