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Tracy Fuller

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In 2018 my husband Tim and I took ownership of Natural Fitness & Therapies on the seafront in Eastbourne. This was when I decided to train as a Pilates teacher, initially to act as cover for our staff during sickness and holidays. When I'd had the opportunity to teach some classes, I realised how much I loved it. I really loved it! Teaching Pilates quickly became my passion so much so that I now teach 11 classes and up to 14 one to one’s sessions per week! As much as we loved owning and running the centre, Pilates took over my life and in the summer of 2021 we decided to sell the business so I could concentrate on teaching Pilates full time.

Before starting practicing Pilates, I often suffered injuries while running (my other passion!), and had been recovering from a nearly year old hip injury. I also suffered from back issues from time to time, and in fact when I tried Pilates to try and correct the injury, I actually made the back pain worse due to bad technique! It wasn’t until I started learning correct posture that I realised how important it is to get this right! Consequently I’m passionate about ensuring my clients are safe at all times. In fact I’m a bit of a nag about it!

I am so enthusiastic about putting my classes together, it’s actually a bit of an obsession! I’m always coming up with fresh ideas and love to keep my students eager, stimulated and challenged. I feel really connected with my clients, I understand their aches and pains, and being more mature myself I tend to work with those over 40.

Since qualifying with Future Fit in 2019, I have trained additionally in Pilates Small Equipment, Pilates for Menopausal women, Pilates for injuries and back pain. I've also trained for Reformer with J Pilates and have just completed my level 2 Reformer training with APPI.

Prior to 2018, I worked as the Nutritionist at the Natural Fitness & Therapies, and I still see clients now. For more information on nutrition see my other website www.naturalnutrition.co.uk.