Zoom Pilates Classes



Pilates is a method of body conditioning that has been practised for decades. It simultaneously strengthens, stretches and defines all muscle groups and enhances your balance, core strength, mobility, flexibility, and even mood. Pilates is the perfect workout for all ages and fitness levels.

Get fit from home using the Zoom Pilates classes. This is convenient as you can take part in classes from the comfort of your own home as well as save time not having to travel.

What to bring

Mat, Pilates Ball, Band, weights (or a tin of something or other) and a good wifi connection!

Tips during the class

If this is your first time please arrive 15 minutes early so I can assist you in setting up your camera and screen for the class. We want to be able to see you to support and guide you through the class.

We will also ensure that you have everything with you to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Please ensure all pets are kept at bay, unless they promise to behave themselves!


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