What People Say


I was already a fairly active person, but was conscious that I was not getting any younger and really needed to do something about my strength and flexibility. I had tried yoga but found that this did not really suit me. I really wanted to give pilates a go as I had done it 20 years ago and enjoyed it then. When out for a walk on the seafront I saw pilates being advertised so looked it up when I got home. It was really convenient that there was a class in Pevensey and I really liked the fact that there were classes for the over 50s! Having done my assessment I started in January last year.

The first class was great, Tracy makes everyone feel very welcome and always gives a number of levels so that you are able to work to your own ability. I ended up in a space at the front of the class but actually found this really useful as I could see Tracy easily and have stayed in that spot ever since! I walked out of the class certainly knowing that I had done something but also knowing that I would be back for more. More than a year on I am still enjoying it and certainly notice a difference in the strength in my legs and core.

If you are wondering whether you should give pilates ago, I would definitely recommend trying a class with Tracy. They are always fun, nobody is pressured into doing anything that they are not comfortable with, we work to our own abilities and we usually have a laugh in amongst the groans. The fact that we all turn up every week for more, says it all. So if you are thinking about giving it a go, come along you won’t regret it.


I had a running injury in May 2021, made worse by a lot of digging in the garden. I was in constant pain, which flared up at the slightest effort. Not good for someone who is normally so physically active so it was really getting me down. I had seen physio who had got me past the worst, but there was still a looong way to go. The physio recommended Pilates as the next stage in my recovery program. I came to you for a couple of 1-2-1 sessions, then, as I progressed, started coming to classes.

My experience of your classes:

Fun! Tracy works us hard (which is what I want), but there is a lot of laughter along the way. She spends time making sure that we are each doing the exercises correctly.

What have I achieved?

I’m able to run decent distances again – 8 miles+, which was my key aim. I’m pain free 99% of the time. Along with the strength work I can now do, it has transformed my experience of pain: now if I feel a twinge, I no longer panic – instead think “ok, more strengthening work needed”. I’m able to do the strength work that my level of running needs to stay injury free (from 0-1 standard glute bridge July 21 to 3 x 10 single leg glute bridges July 22).

Most importantly, I can do everything that I used to take for granted: gardening (lots), hula-hooping, dancing round the kitchen like there’s no tomorrow. All of which has bought me back from a pretty low place to my positive, happy self. 😊


Prior to coming to Tracy’s classes, I had done Pilates for around 5 years. When I moved to Eastbourne, I tried other classes, but I didn’t enjoy them, and decided to give it a rest. In 2021 I had extensive cancer surgery, which left my midriff feeling weak, and I felt that Pilates would help me regain core strength, in addition to lots of dog walking, which it has, thankfully.

Luckily, my classes started with Tracy, who made me feel very welcome, as did the classmates, they are all such a lovely bunch. To anyone thinking of coming to classes, I’d say yes, yes, yes! Apart from enjoying the challenge, it’s a very nice social experience, good for the mind and body, and ability is not an obstacle. I know I am probably the least talented member of my class, but I don’t care, I just do what I can and nobody laughs at me!!


I have been to Pilates in the past, many years ago, and I didn’t like them but I am a lot older now! I enjoy your classes because you make them fun and we can have a bit of a laugh………

I soon realised that I was going to be happy with your class, as you are very relaxed. I thought it would be full of fit young women and I would hate it because I couldn’t keep up but that’s not the case – I may be one of the older people in your group but I can hold my own! Some exercises I used to find really hard, but I am gradually improving which is very satisfying.

My back is much improved now, I feel the Pilates exercises have helped tremendously. (I am a bell ringer and I wouldn’t be able to stand still and ring for more than 4 minutes without getting really painful cramps in my right leg, but now I am able to stand still for much longer and the cramps are less painful).


Prior to attending Tracy’s class, I was suffering from lower back pain after playing football and a physio recommended trying pilates.

I didn’t think I was particularly flexible so had concerns that I wouldn’t be able to perform the exercises correctly. I was made to feel extremely welcome during the first session; I’ve been able to play football without suffering any back pain since I began attending pilates regularly.

If you are thinking of Pilates with Tracy, I would say that the classes are accessible and extremely varied, each one is different. The setting at the Natural Fitness Centre also idyllic.


A friend introduced me to the pilates at St Wilfreds in the Pevensey Bay after i had been grumbling about knees being sore and generally getting aches and pains. So she introduced me to Tracy and I took my first class. I was a bit nervous not really sure what to expect

I needn’t have worried it was such a lovely friendly group, supportive and non judgemental.

Since, I’ve been to sessions regularly on a Monday and on any Fridays if I’m free.

At first the benefits were not obvious as my core muscles were very stiff the following day! Gradually though I found I could sit up from lying on my back with ease. My knees can now bend without hurting. My hips and wrists are so much stronger.

And importantly as my core and balance have improved so has my golf!

Best thing I’ve done is joining Tracy’s pilates class. Made new friends feel so much healthier and stronger. And of course I now enjoy it.


I was looking for a class to attend but didn’t know anyone to ask for a recommendation. I tried various places and then came across the gem that is Tracy. She’s exactly the teacher I needed – fun but firm, highly knowledgeable and she pushes me to work. She’s so good that I attend more than once a week.

I did have some lower back issues due to an old injury; Tracy expertly layers the classes so that I can go gently when required but also push myself when I feel strong enough.

My spine now has much more ease of movement, my whole body feels stronger and more supple.

The classes are fun and friendly and I look forward to seeing everyone each week.


Janet is on the left.

I was having problems with my left hip so had some one to one sessions before joining the class as I did not want to hold the class back. I had done Pilates in the past but not for a couple of years. I did the exercises to the best of my ability. In Pilates you challenge yourself rather than compete against anyone else I’ve since had the hip replaced and returned to class after a couple of months which I put down to being in the best possible position before surgery.

The classes are warm and encouraging with all exercises offered at different levels so you can work to a level that suits you. The classes are fabulous, most of us have been coming for some time so it’s a community rather than faces changing every week. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

What I really want to say is: Tracy is a miracle worker, her classes are brilliant and we do a lot of laughing.


Here’s a few words from a happy Pilates client Jackie.